Sandwich Panels

SANDWICH PANEL Structural Self Standing Insulated Sandwich Panels are a rare combination of three very important features – HIGH STRENGTH, ENERGY SAVER AND FLEXIBLE for design & Construction for Cold Storage & Rooms. They are made with Self Extinguishing Quality Expanded Polystyrene or Rigid Polyurethane as the core.

We are offering our customers a wide range of PU Sandwich Panels, which are available following Specifications :-

1. Materials : Double color steel + pu(polyurethane ) foam panel (stainless steel or aluminum also can supply )

2. Color steel thickness :0.4mm-1.0mm Color steel type:YX66-394-788 /YX51-380-760 /YX35-125-750 /YX32-210-840 /YX30-160

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