Metal Pallets

Custom-designed Steel pallets are the strongest alternatives for load carriers to hold individual loads and handling requirements. The main variants of Metal Pallets available and manufactured in our factory at Ajman UAE are painted and galvanized type steel pallets. Today, it’s one of the important supplementary tools for warehousing as a Pallet racking system and transportation within the industry. Its principal structure includes a longitudinal beam, cushion block, and supporting leg under a single-layer surface board. Emerald is one of the leading suppliers of Steel Pallet Suppliers in Ajman, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Pallet racking Suppliers in UAE.

Steel Pallets/Metal Pallet or Iron Pallet are suitable for forklift operations and are easy to manage goods. Our metal pallets are custom engineered and designed to meet various storage applications mainly multi-use ground storage, shelf storage, and intermodal transportation of goods/cargo, turnover and replacing, and placing of assembly, stacking, handling, and many other purposes…

We have all standard sizes of metal pallet / Steel Pallet required for material handling.

We are leading metal Steel pallets manufacturers and suppliers in UAE and other Middle East, Europe, and African Regions.

Our Metal Steel Pallet Product Range is as follows:

    • Painted steel metal Pallet.
    • Galvanized type steel metal Pallet.
    • Mild Steel (MS)Metal Pallet.
    • Corrosion Resistant Metal Pallet.
    • GI Industrial Metal Pallet.
    • Steel Drum Spill Pallet.

Emerald Steel Industries LLC., is an industry-leading steel metal pallet supplier in UAE and Middle East regions. Based in UAE, we provide our clients with a full service and quality-focused supply of precise custom-made products, making us stand out from the rest of the supplying companies. Our top priority is our customers’ satisfaction. The quality of the outputs to be delivered is always checked at each phase of the production process. We ensure that no product leaves our industry without having verified the aptness and confirmed that each specification has been met. 


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