Emerald Steel Industries LLC is a leading manufacturer and supplier of drains based in Ajman UAE. The different types of drain include slock type rounded floor drain, square lock type stainless steel floor drains, tile- insert stainless steel floor drains, screw-type stainless steel floor drains, and aluminum floor drains, etc. We manufacture a full line of commercial stainless steel drains gratings, cast iron floor drains gratings & floor cover drains gratings from our production unit.

Emerald manufactures a full line of stainless steel drains and drain products for any application—from roof drains to, shower drains to floor drains. We specialize in drains for the food processing, chemical processing, food service, hospitality, retail, and healthcare industries.

We offer a broad selection of industry-standard options to help ensure that your needs will be met.
Options for our drains include, but are not limited to:
• Perforated, slotted, perimeter gap and bar grating
• Perfect Strainers
• Trap primer connectors
• Flashing collar, clamps, and internal flanges
We can design and fabricate almost any drain option and in whatever sizes you will need for your facility.

The Emerald steel industry has associated with engineers, architects, and drains installers to make sure whether our products are a great fit to meet the ideal requirements of our clients. We are always proud of our engineering and customer service departments for their dedication and clarity. Our tech specialists always welcome queries from clients for both custom-made products and standard products. We also provide our clients with better opts and bits of advice to deliver the best possible outcome for specific project requirements. We pledge in providing the highest quality products and fast delivery in time-sensitive phases. 

Our top priority is our customers’ satisfaction. The quality of the outputs to be delivered is always checked at each phase of the production process. We ensure that no product leaves our industry without having verified the aptness and confirmed that each specification has been met.


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